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Public Auto Club Privacy Policy

  • Installment Card Holder Member should deposit entire documents file prior to 10 days from date of loan installment then Auto Club shall pay installment. So take notice of this matter.
  • Installment Card Holder Member should collect Bank/institution statement from concern Bank/Institution in which loan installments amount is deposited through Auto Club. In case amount paid by Auto Club is used for any other usage so its membership shall be canceled automatically and member fee should not be refunded and except that whatever installment is paid up by Auto Club so that will be returned as per Rules and Regulation.
  • I, the member is agreed with Rules and Regulation of Auto Club and in application whatever terms is mentioned that is agreed to me and entire matter is informed to me from Auto Club.
  • After getting a membership in Auto Club on behalf of Installment Card Holder Member Auto Club shall deposit installment of loan to Bank/Institution up to 9 months period. But if any member installment of loan is deposited before 9 installment of loan thus in concern bank/institution total amount is deposited it means loan is completed then as per Rules -regulation of Auto Club this amount is transfer in other card or group.
  • Before getting membership as a Installment Card Holder in concern Bank/Institution previous installment should be paid up and after getting its membership 1 installment should be paid up by member. In this matter Auto Club is not considered responsible.
  • Auto Club reserves entire rights for Economic Assistance and to make other amendments so I, member will considered it valid.
  • When you become an Annual Member in Auto Club so under your you should make one member compulsorily. And after making such member you service will be initiated.