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Public Auto Club was founded at GUJARAT

The public Auto Club was started in the year 2018 by two close friends who have a common goal of helping people with their daily financial difficulties. To ease the burden of fuel price rise on the poor autorickshaw drivers, a fuel card called “Public Auto Club” is being started. The intention is to help the Autorickshaw drivers by offering a free daily fuel worth Rs. 50, for 20 days in a month. Therefore the name of the card is such.

Looking into today’s scenario, not just the auto rickshaw drivers, but every citizen is getting affected by the fuel price rise. Therefore, we are now extending this benefit to the general public, meaning everyone. This card will be available even to those whose case is not considered for credit cards.

We want to create a financial benefit scheme that is unbeatable by credit cards, debit cards and all the financial mobile apps that are online. Nothing comes near to our Public Auto Card when it comes to offering financial benefits that are relevant in easing out the daily financial burden of the people.

  • We want to ease lives of all the citizens of India by offering financial benefits in the simplest manner possible.
  • Making the lives of people easier and happier by making them inflation proof is the mission of Public Auto Club.